Mixes and curves

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Mixes and curves

Post by AlanR8 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:16 pm

Hi all, first post here. I flew heli's a lot about from the turn of the century until about 10 years ago. Mainly nitro, Xcell, Raptor 90 etc. All with a thing called a flybar. My first heli was a Concept 30 with a mechanical gyro!

So am wanting to get back into the game and fancy giving OpenTx a go. I am quite good with computers and logical steps. I've looked at many videos about setting up a heli and I can follow the steps. However, I have an issue.

Back in the day, we always flew with one toggle switch (flight mode) that effectively controlled the throttle curve AND the pitch curve. All the vids I've seen have pitch and throttle on separate switches. We had a separate throttle hold but everything else was on a single 3 position switch.

Can this be done on OpenTx? JR Futaba all do it that way or did. I would be surprised if it can't

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