PARA Wireless Trainer Servo Smoothness

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PARA Wireless Trainer Servo Smoothness

Post by GaryDT » Fri Oct 29, 2021 3:21 pm

Hello there,

I'm just wondering how smoothly the "students" radio controls the "instructors" radio when buddying, i.e., how smoothly does a model's servos move when being operated by the learner pilot when using the Bluetooth PARA wireless trainer option.

I found a few posts from several years ago where people were saying it's quite notchy, but I haven't found anything more recent. I realise FrSky upgraded from their older Bluetooth module to current PARA module, and so I'm trying to find out how much of an improvement it is.

I only have one PARA radio, so I'm unable to test how smoothly one PARA unit/radio transmits Bluetooth data to another PARA unit/radio, hence this post.

If anyone could confirm that'd be great... or even post a short video clip showing the setup working.

Cheers, Gary.

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