Building a Ground Control station.

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Building a Ground Control station.

Post by jastrup » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:04 pm

Hello guys! A friend of mine introduced me to this forum, and I am so happy i found it.

I have decided to create my own ground control station for my multicopters, and in that occation i need some help.

What my final goal is, i'm not sure of, but what i do know, is that i want a rasperry pi and a monitor in my suitcase.

I already have a car LCD screen (Alpine TME-M780), but i dont want to use the controller unit (the one that dispatches video out from the car), so maybe someone in here knows how i could solder something to my screen to get power input and video input to it? As from the manufacturer (Alpine), they say i have to use the included controller unit, but i am confident it could be done some other way.

Any gurus here?

The TFT controller in the screen is a Techwell TW8802, if that is of any use for you guys.

Thanks. :-)

-- The newbie FPVguy

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