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Radiomaster TX16S binds Spektrum AR637T receiver but funny issues

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:39 am
by 123jhe

I've moved the post, since I think I got the wrong section before... Sorry. Hope I'm in the right spot now.

I've programmed my Radiomaster TX16S for a while now and it works just great. I normally use Graupner HOTT receivers.

Now I'm setting up a Horizon Night Timber BNF with Spektrum AR637TA (BNF version of AR637T) receiver. It is supposed to support AS3X and SAFE Technology. I can bind ('DSM X 2F' protocol) and map the channels. I get SAFE to work and can switch it on and off. AS3X works as well. But there is a strange malfunction which drives me crazy.

When I give more than 50% Aileron left, then the Throttle is stopping, indepentently of the Throttle position ( > -100%). When I give Aileron right, the Throttle keeps working.

Expected behavior:
Throttle is not affected by the Aileron Output.

What I did to test:
If I exchange the receiver to a HOTT in keeping the mixes (only remapping channels), the problem does not occur and it flies nicely.
If I bind a Spektrum transmitter from a friend to the Spektrum AR637TA receiver, the problem does not occur.

So it is not my mixing. I Think it must be caused by the combination of the TX16S and the Spektrum AR637TA receiver.

I run the latest firmware on the receiver (2.3.11-otx) and the internal module (V1.2.1.92 AETR).


Re: Radiomaster TX16S binds Spektrum AR637T receiver but funny issues

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 6:53 am
by wbmathis
Can I ask how you got as3x and safe to work? I’ve got the TX16S and an AR8360T. Binds without issue, but it’s my first non-BNF Spektrum receiver and though it has as3x and safe, it requires forward programming to enable those features. Supposedly OTX 2.3.10 and up has some forward programming support, but I can’t find how. The 3 BNF Spektrum planes that I have all worked with as3x and safe without much trouble.

To take a stab at your problem, I’d say try a new model setup from scratto ser if the problem goes away.

Re: Radiomaster TX16S binds Spektrum AR637T receiver but funny issues

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 10:58 pm
by wbmathis
Answering my own question because someone else may want to know.
As of 2.3.11, DSM Forward Programing LUA Tool/Script only supports "other settings", so no "gyro settings".

As a workaround, I purchased a used Spektrum DX6e and successfully used it to temporarily bind to my AR8360T and enable gyro, AS3X and SAFE. There's a video online by Horizon Hobby showing how to setup a "T" receiver through forward programming and they state that most AS3X/SAFE receivers that come in RTF and BNF planes just have the default gains set anyway, so you probably don't need to change any of those settings. You can when using "Forward Programming", but might not be needed. It is needed to use "Forward Programming" to enable the gyro, AS3X and SAFE, so until OpenTX devs add that functionality, using a Spektrum Transmitter is the only way. Hope this helps somebody.