Radiomaster TX16S binds Spektrum AR637T receiver but funny issues

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Radiomaster TX16S binds Spektrum AR637T receiver but funny issues

Post by 123jhe » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:39 am


I've moved the post, since I think I got the wrong section before... Sorry. Hope I'm in the right spot now.

I've programmed my Radiomaster TX16S for a while now and it works just great. I normally use Graupner HOTT receivers.

Now I'm setting up a Horizon Night Timber BNF with Spektrum AR637TA (BNF version of AR637T) receiver. It is supposed to support AS3X and SAFE Technology. I can bind ('DSM X 2F' protocol) and map the channels. I get SAFE to work and can switch it on and off. AS3X works as well. But there is a strange malfunction which drives me crazy.

When I give more than 50% Aileron left, then the Throttle is stopping, indepentently of the Throttle position ( > -100%). When I give Aileron right, the Throttle keeps working.

Expected behavior:
Throttle is not affected by the Aileron Output.

What I did to test:
If I exchange the receiver to a HOTT in keeping the mixes (only remapping channels), the problem does not occur and it flies nicely.
If I bind a Spektrum transmitter from a friend to the Spektrum AR637TA receiver, the problem does not occur.

So it is not my mixing. I Think it must be caused by the combination of the TX16S and the Spektrum AR637TA receiver.

I run the latest firmware on the receiver (2.3.11-otx) and the internal module (V1.2.1.92 AETR).


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