Logical switch doesn't respond correct to Ch1 input

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Logical switch doesn't respond correct to Ch1 input

Post by ahjwinth » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:02 pm

All, I'm knew to use the OpenTX software on my taranis which I just purchased and could use some help.
What I have done is created an throttle cut with the safety function. Only when the throttle is activated and the stick is first on zero it will send the throttle signal to Channel 1. This is fully functioning.

The next step is the flight timer. I want to activate the timer when Channel 1 value is higher then -95% therefore I created an Logical switch which uses
Function: A<X, V1=CH1 V2=-70. I don't want to use the throttle value. As this can be higher then -100 with the engine not running due the throttle cut. Therefore I use CH1 value which is the output to the servo in the logical switch.

However when I test this logical switch it doesn't work. The timer is always started when the throttle stick is more then -95%. Also when the throttle cut off is activated and Channel 1 value stays at -100. To me it looks like an bug in the software as I define the logical switch to use as input the value of Channel 1 but it is actual using the throttle stick value. If someone could reproduce or point me into the correct direction it would be apperciated.
OpenTX firmware 2.2.4 Companion:2.2.4

Here you see the logical switch is "1" were the Ch1 value is -100.

Here the Ch1 Value is -100. The Throttle value is -16 and the logical switch changed value to "0" were it should have stayed one as Ch1 value is -100.

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Re: Logical switch doesn't respond correct to Ch1 input

Post by Kilrah » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:44 pm

CHx in the sources are the mixer outputs. You probably did your throttle cut as a special function, which isn't taken into account. Do it in the mixer instead.

You could also use the built-in THs timer mode with the Throttle source set to your CH1 and you wouldn't need any logical switch anymore.

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