Which Module??? Turnigy 9X for telemetry...

Choosing an RF Module? What modules work? What is compatible with the 9x?
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Which Module??? Turnigy 9X for telemetry...

Post by Kiwi » Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:28 am


Sorry i know theres lots on this but too much and im really confused haha
I have a turnigy 9X its moded with the original smartieboard and running er9x atm
Im looking to upgrade the module partly for allowing higher voltages for servos and for telemetry options, My choices i can see are the XJT, DHT or DJT.
I like the idea of installing the DHT inside the TX and using original antenna location. I also understand this is the easiest to wire for telemetry??
From what i can see this is more difficult on the XJT and other than 16ch options (which i really dont need) i dont really see any benefits for the extra money?
Am i correct is the best choice the DHT DIY module? coupled with the original smartieboard and wiring for telemetry?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Re: Which Module??? Turnigy 9X for telemetry...

Post by jhsa » Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:44 am

If you don't need the extra features of the XJT, I think the DHT is a good option..

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