Need some light on Tx Modules...

Choosing an RF Module? What modules work? What is compatible with the 9x?
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Need some light on Tx Modules...

Post by rasciodc » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:10 am

Hi All!

I've been reading a LOT about transmitters and this forum is just awesome! Learned a lot!

I have a Turnigy 9X radio, which I'll be upgrading the firmware to er9x and I'm trying to decide on the tx module I'm going to use. Also planning to hook up an APM 2.6+915mhz telemmetry I have laying around...

I know this question probably have been asked many times before but I just want to make sure the options I narrowed down are still up to date in 2017.

-FrSky DJT Module: Probably the right way to go but the Rx's are quite expensive to my taste and to have 5 or more models ready to go could get expensive...(I live Brazil so, it is 60% tax on everything we buy overseas :o )

-OrangeRX Module: Very cheap Rx's ($5~8!!), so I could leave my models with the radios installed instead of having just 1 expensive radio to share among them. Is it a reliable system? I only fly small-medium foamies but I'm getting into FPV, which could use some extended range... I also read that some version had few glitches on the channels. Have HK sorted it out?

-Multi Protocol Module(the diy one from banggood): Don't even know if it should have made to this list but I was wondering if it could be the best of both worlds (compatible with both cheap OrangeRx and more reliable FrSky) so I could have a bunch of orangerx and just one or two frsky receivers for special ocasions...

-OrangeRx with MULTI protocol: Still have to understand more about its capabilities and how it differs from stock firmwares, but thought it was worth mentioning it here. I know some programming/soldering skills are required but I got that covered.

Did I forget any possibility worth considering? All my reading led me to these 3 options (4 considering flashing the orangerx with MULTI).

I'm also considering a long range system in the near future and would appreciate if you have any suggestions (maybe orangerx, wolfbox...)

Thanks in advance! (and sorry if this topic is repetitive somehow...)

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Re: Need some light on Tx Modules...

Post by komos » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:21 pm

Frsky xjt module +x*r receiver. The only real pros is you get 16 channels and maybe later if you upgrade or mod your tx a telemetry on your tx , scripts , and who knows what more is coming. It all comes to what you are going to fly. Where is apm going to sit on?

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Re: Need some light on Tx Modules...

Post by bob195558 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:38 pm

Also you may want to consider upgrading your Turnigy 9X radio with the Ar9x board: (
This is a very good upgrade as it will move you from er9x to erSky9x firmware.
Sound and a lot more.

Bob B.
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