FS-RM003 and FS-IA10B on Flysky TH9X and Turnigy 9X

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FS-RM003 and FS-IA10B on Flysky TH9X and Turnigy 9X

Post by Escrich » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:48 pm

Dear all I have those two emitters, Flysky TH9X and Turnigy 9X, and of course the software ER9X from a couple of years ago, and I’m very happy about how them work, my problem starts when I want to increase the number of channels from 8 to 10, since now, in both emitters I was using the module FS-TM002 and as receivers the FS-R8B, (actually has a different name), then I bought the pair FS-RM003 and FS-IA10B, I can do the binding process, both leds on module and receiver alights correctly, but I have no answer in any channel manipulating joysticks, switches or pots, I change back to the old ones and again everything works, could be because of something related with AFHDS2, I was searched the menu, inside MULTI for AFHDS2 option, but after hundreds of tests I ‘m not able to move any servo, could you please give some help?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: FS-RM003 and FS-IA10B on Flysky TH9X and Turnigy 9X

Post by MikeB » Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:49 pm

If that module will work at all, you will need to use PPM (not Multi). You will need to set this to 10 channels, but also extend the frame time from the default of 22.5mS. I suggest at least 26.5mS.
It is possible that module needs a PCM signal to work. While I have an idea what this might be, I don't have the hardware to investigate and develop this.

I think you may find a multiprotocol module, operating with MULTI protocol will support that receiver.

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