Generic template for plane with opentx 2.1 + telemetry

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Generic template for plane with opentx 2.1 + telemetry

Post by BenZoFly » Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:01 am

Hi all,

Here is a model template that I have built over time on my Taranis. Most functions are based on my own field experience and errors with the Taranis. This may look overly complex, but is simple to use on the field while preventing stupid accidents (for people around and for the model).
I use this template for 2 planes and I had no incident so far, however I encourage you to test it before flying, but shall I even mention it :)
Sound files are attached as well just in case.
I am working on a simplified version for planes without flaps and power gears to free up some logical switches for telemetry (unless next firmware version double the number of logical switches :twisted: ).

Main features of the template:
- volume of the speaker controlled by S2
- 3 flight phases on switch SE:
UP/ take off and landing
MID/ cruise
DWN/ 3D rate
- 3 stabilisation modes on switch SB (depends on hardware installed in plane):
UP/ no gyro (or 1st gyro mode)
MID/ attitude compensation (or 2nd gyro mode)
DWN/ auto level (or 3rd gyro mode)
- 1 "rate mode" on SF switch up which contributes to maintaining throttle cut by preventing flight modes 2 and 3 (see throttle activation procedure)
- 8 flight modes with individual custom rate and expo upon simple combinations of SB+SE+SF+SH switches (1s transition time between modes):
1/ rate mode: throttle cut, full rates, no expo (default mode)
2/ take-off/landing, no gyro, 40% rate, 70% rudder rate, 30% expo (SE UP, SB UP)
3/ take-off/landing with attitude compensation, 50% rate, 100% rudder rate, 30% expo (SE UP, SB MID)
4/ cruise, no gyro, 60% rate, 30% expo (SE MID, SB UP)
5/ cruise with attitude compensation, 75% rate, 20% expo (SE MID, SB MID)
6/ 3D rate, no gyro, 100% rate, 40% expo (SE DWN, SB UP)
7/ 3D rate with attitude compensation, 100% rate, 30% expo (SE DWN, SB MID)
8/ full compensation (can be "return home" or "autolevel" mode if gyro allows), 50% rate, 40% expo (SB DWN or SH DWN)
- flight mode 8 is actionable from flight modes 2 to 7 by keeping SH DWN in emergency or SB DWN to activate the mode permanently
- SB MID gyro mode can be activated in rate mode if the gyro needs pre-flight calibration, but not SB DWN gyro mode (not available in flight mode 1 as it may require some throttle)
- GV1 to GV3 are set for rates, GV4 to GV6 are set for expo for each flight mode. They can therefore be fine tuned for each gyro mode for each flight phase.
- all GV values are accessible from 1 screen so it is easy to compare the different modes settings on the field
- fieldproof condition of throttle activation:
1/ flight mode is only 2 or 3 (SE UP, SF UP, SB UP or SB MID)
2/ throttle stick is fully down
3/ throttle trim is pushed up
- repeated vocal warning upon throttle activation until the throttle stick is moved up (so if people talk to you at this moment you don't forget that you just activated throttle and that the engine can rotate anytime)
- fieldproof condition of throttle deactivation:
1/ flight mode is only 2 or 3
2/ throttle stick is fully down
3/ throttle trim is pushed down
- no auto throttle cut, the engine is cut by the above simple but manual procedure only (I tried auto throttle cut, like on SF DWN, and it is working well but can create stress in flight when using switches)
- if you land in flight modes 4 to 8, throttle diactivation is not possible, you need to revert to takeoff/landing mode first
- trim for throttle is disabled, therefore throttle curve, including low point for gas engines, is set in curve 1. Gas engine is cut manually only at throttle disactivation, again no auto cut.
- rate mode is only accessible on deactivated throttle (i.e. not in flight, whatever the SF switch position, no risk of throttle cut in mid air when using switches, as it happened to me once before)
- flight modes only accessible through throttle activation phase (cannot go from rate mode to 3D directly for example)
- take-off and landing phases differentiated within flight modes 2 and 3 (at least for vocal announcement of the mode name)
- 3 flap modes on switch SC:
1/ flaps always up
2/ autoflap (down 1/3 at take-off and landing)
3/ flaps always down 2/3 (or any other value desired) to be used in flight or at the last landing phase on top of auto flaps
- 3 gear modes on switch SD:
1/ gears always up (can be used to slide-land without gear or to store the plane with gears up)
2/ autogears (down in takeoff and landing)
3/ gears always down (like a low pass with gears down :)
- flap and gears switch changes are not announced vocally, only the position of the flaps and gears are announced, based on servo channels values. Voice calls on switches can be added easily though.
- flaps speed is set to 3s for each channel movement
- gears speed is set to 5s for each channel movement. Not relevant when a control box is used for gear sequence.
- if flaps or gears on the plane move in the wrong direction, a channel inversion is enough to set them up right, no change in mix is necessary
- landing lights are switched on automatically upon entering flight modes 2 or 3 if a power switch is installed in the plane
- Flight log actionable on switch SG DWN. Log is only recorded upon active throttle and is announced vocally when starting and stopping
- flight timer and persistent timer both activated upon throttle activation and when throttle stick is up
- Basic telemetry (firmware 2.1 compatible) is added on the basis of a lipo and ampere sensors as example
- battery low warning is sent when battery consumption reaches 4500mAh (assuming a 5000mAh battery, so please adjust)
- battery critical warning is send when the lowest lipo cell goes below 3.0V and throttle is activated (land immediately!)
- all logical switches being used, no other telemetry alert is possible in this example

Channel list in the template (adjust to your own setup):
CH1 - throttle
CH2 - ailerons
CH3 - elevons
CH4 - rudder
CH5 - gyro mode
CH6 - flaps
CH7 - gears
CH8 - lights switch

Ailerons, elevons and rudder are set on single control channels and may use a Y cable if multiple servos, as often the case when using gyros.
Plane template for openTx
eepe file and related sound files
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Re: Generic template for plane with opentx 2.1 + telemetry

Post by BenZoFly » Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:20 pm

In addition to the full template, I have derived a simplified one for acro planes that have no flaps or gears.

This frees up 2 more logical switches slots that I use for additional telemetry warnings:
- when the battery reaches near full-capacity (in case you missed the previous one as well as the timer :o )
- when the receiver voltage goes down, which may be of use if you have a separated BEC.

It uses the same sound files as the previous template.

It also implements a full set of s.port sensors on the new fw 2.1 format that I tried recently.

Hope you like it !
acro plane template for firmware 2.1.eepe
eepe file
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