DLG programme

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DLG programme

Post by MartinO » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:44 am

Discuss Launch Glider
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I could not find a programme for a dlg that worked how I wanted it so I wrote one. So here it is if it's useful to anyone.
There are 6 flight modes:

FM1 - Landing: Flaperons lower exponentially with use of throttle stick. Top 20% of travel is a dead zone and flaps lower to 70% weight
FM2 - Launch: When spring switch SF is on (move to the left on Taranis for a RH throw) 10% defection of up elevator is deployed
FM3 - Zoom: Release of SF sets all control surfaces flat for least drag. Zoom finishes when either (a) more than 10% elev up or down is applied for when you push at the top, or (b) 5 seconds has expired in case of accidentel deployment. On exit of Zoom Switch A takes effect for selection of FM4, FM5 and FM6
FM4 - Speed: Ailerons reflex
FM5 - Cruise: Ailerons flat
FM6 - Thermal: Ailerons camber
Timer 1: Resets on FM Launch and activates on FM Zoom. Voice set to minutes.
Timer 2: Persistent for a measure of model battery time.

All Flight modes are spoken when activated. Amber sound pack is required.

Enjoy :)

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Re: DLG programme

Post by rdeanchurch » Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:03 pm

Quite nice, thank you.

Are you familiar with RCSettings? You might look there for future model setup examples.
http://rcsettings.com/index.php/viewcat ... sailplanes
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