APM FBL Helicopter Setup With Flysky TH 9X

Programming your 9x using the stock firmware that comes with the radio. (Note. This is for the th9x, not the X9R)
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APM FBL Helicopter Setup With Flysky TH 9X

Post by rfine7666 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:26 pm

Thanks in advance for any help
Is there anyone that has had success setting up a FBL Trex 450 clone using a APM 2.6 with mission planner helicopter setup and also using a Flysky TH 9X (Turnigy 9X should be the same) (stock firmware)(acro mode) transmitter and a Flysky 8 channel PWM receiver?
I am fairly new to helicopter, tried flybar style, did not care for it. I have converted 450 to FBL and tried using mission planner guide several times to setup this unit with APM, no luck.
Most of mission planner guides deal with Futaba radio gear, so I guess I am not wiring up the receiver to APM correctly or I am not doing some right in the radio?
I know there are Youtube videos of people having good luck flying FBL helis with APM boards but I cannot find a good information setup with this radio?
Thanks again, any help or comments are appreciated

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