CrazyBal / Sidewinder / HyperTaxi mix

Programming your 9x using the stock firmware that comes with the radio. (Note. This is for the th9x, not the X9R)
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CrazyBal / Sidewinder / HyperTaxi mix

Post by gittarpikk » Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:09 am

I am the designer of the patented CrazyBall ( The Hypertaxi and Sidewinder (RCGroups threads) use the same mix. The Futabas 6XAs will do it...but the stock 9X wont.

When I get the mixes in , the firmware shuts off one of the mixes switches(or changes values) not allowing all the control I need...
Maybe someone has a workaround

Surfaces are all symmetrical.. and identical... elevons (right and left) horizontal
upper rudder...and lower rudder (aux) are identical.

elevons act as elevons
Both Upper rudder and lower rudder (left on rudder stick left)(right on rudder stick right)

Now the "corkscrew" Right aileron stick make all surfaces go into a twist...making plane roll to right.

left is just the opposite...all surfaces twist makes plane roll to left

now here is the way I mix it...but not able to get what I need.

trans stick mode is 2

turn on elevons 100% ail and elev... looking from rear... right horizontal is ch1 (ail)
left horizontal is ch2 (elev)...
now rudder ch4 left stick operates as a rudder.. and lower rudder is an aux channel..

mix 1 is ch4 to ch6...and turns upper and lower rudders to a top-to-bottom rudder.

elevons turn the horizontal control surfaces to an all-the -way across elevator

mix2 is ch1 (ail) to ch4 (upper rudder)..on all the time

mix3 is ch1 (ail) to aux (lower rudder)...on all the time

What happens is somewhere along the line some 'switch' is not allowed on one of the mixes and is turned off...-or- instead of a -100 and -100 value for one of the surfaces...the -100 gets changed to 0 making the surface deflect only one direction instead of going both ways..

I thought maybe it was disallowing it due to maybe too much range for I set all to 49 (less than half) so sums of mixes would not go over change...still same problem.

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Re: CrazyBal / Sidewinder / HyperTaxi mix

Post by Rob Thomson » Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:45 am

Is this for the stock 9x firmware, or the custom firmware?

Just wondering if I need to move the thread :)

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Re: CrazyBal / Sidewinder / HyperTaxi mix

Post by gittarpikk » Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:34 pm came from HK about a year ago...from the US warehouse..all I have added is the lcd light

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Re: CrazyBal / Sidewinder / HyperTaxi mix

Post by Kilrah » Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:03 pm

OK, thread moved then :)

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