New and old radios but firmware woes..

Programming your 9x using the stock firmware that comes with the radio. (Note. This is for the th9x, not the X9R)
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New and old radios but firmware woes..

Post by FlyByTheGrace » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:03 pm

Hi all,

I have a 9XR Pro built and FW dated 2015. So ersky9x-r212 VErs V.4-Mike REVB-X
It is obviously in need of FW update
For my T9X (Smartieparts/TEZ ) I will need the most recent ver of ER9X,

I have just figured out how to get the install file from Google Code and have re-installed so I can have eepesky as well as eepe. USed to have issue with it trying to update but "Download Failed" was its regular tune. I have not tested my fresh install yet to see how it behaves.

I would like a download link to get the most current applicable FW for both. I can't find a simple answer to this on this forum (yet)
Forgive me I am pressed for time at present with my 60 year old brain going back to school.

So for the T9X I would be using FrSky version with No Heli but some templates
and the same for the 9XR Pro please.

I am not lacking on brains, I just constructed and doing the first test print on my 3D Printer, I am
learning 3D design software (Fusion360) and getting current with MACH3 for the not to distant arrival
of my first CNC Router.

But guys I need it to be relatively simple, I do not have time to work with code. No compliling or
"make" routines unless it is easy to explain. In that case I am willing to try :-)
With all due respect I need some outside time here. I need to get out and fly something not spend my days off at the computer screen.
I don't mean to be rude but if you go to look at the OpenTX site it is very simple. Just look up the radio of your choice
and downloading is done in 2 minutes, done!
I promise to donate to the cause. :D if you can simplify mine.

My very best regards as always,

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Re: New and old radios but firmware woes..

Post by jhsa » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:45 pm

Please go to
You will find all the files you need, including eepe and eepskye.

Also, here you find ersky9x test versions.


Even if they are called test versions, they are pretty stable.. They also have many new features :)
Can't be easier than that..
By the way, there aren't any "NO HELI" version of Ersky9x.. You take the whole package, just don't use it if you don't need it :)
By updating, you will find many more features and lots of new protocols support. You will also find an much more user friendly menu navigation system, that is much more organized. It is easier to find the options you need.

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