soldering ribbon inside questions

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soldering ribbon inside questions

Post by AllenH » Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:45 am

I can't find this topic anywhere, so I'll just drop it here.
I can solder, and I've seen the Smartie Parts board and would rather MacGyver this myself. I've read the Wiki. I watched Westy do some of the worst soldering I've ever seen.

Reading Jon Lowe's PDF file, I see the connector is a DigiKey, but it could be repeated in the video. And if he's using ribbon cable, why not use a ribbon cable connector and assign the leads correctly at the soldered end!?
Actually, if you read the PDF files by Jon Lowe, you don't need to watch the videos (it's helpful if you don't watch the videos -- I don't even know why they are there, apart from including a pretty good image of the solder locations)

I used a PS/2 extension cable, because I don't have the DigiKey connectors, and no one around has them. So I'll adapt the other end to the ribbon cable that comes with the USBasp. If you do this mod., just use the Lowe guides! Choosing the videos first threw me off.

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