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Flaps 30
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Post by Flaps 30 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:21 pm

It is starting to become a problem for me to navigate around this site. One thing that is bothering me a little, is that we don't seem to have what I would call sub forums to the main headings.

Take ER9X - Inside that heading we have threads named 'Mixes, Templates & Programing', 'er9x development', 'DSM2 work' which to my mind should really be sub forum headings within ER9X. That way if people have specifioc requests/problems. They can create threads with names that make sense, rather than add something to an ever growing thread that has no direction.

This potential 'problem' came to my mind when I wanted to start a thread dealing with the cumbersome way that aileron differentials are done, That would fit under the heading of 'Mixes, Templates & Programing'. Of course it isn't possible to start a thread in that area. The only other way would have been to start a thread under ER9X which IMO wouldn't be right.

Okay.. That's the problem.. Now the answers are? :)

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Rob Thomson
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Post by Rob Thomson » Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:38 pm

This will all be tidied up soon.

The initial structure is not 100% correct - but needed to grow a bit so I could see how it is being used.


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...........if you think it should be in the wiki.. ask me for wiki access, then go add it!

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