Strange effect in companion under linux os

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Strange effect in companion under linux os

Post by kalle123 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:21 pm

My os is Debian Jessie KDE 64 bit with language set to German.
Opentx and companion both 2.1.7 are set to language English

Stumbled over that here
automatic translation to German ??? But only on specific entries!
Reboot to win 7 (dual boot) with same data win (German desktop) does not show that effect.
No German inserts ...
Must be a miracle :o I have seen a lot of strange things on computers, but that is a first one :mrgreen:

So companion asks the os, you are NOT win, but linux! He, I have that strange word "custom" here, I don't like it.
Give me your proposal. And then "Benutzerdefiniert" shows up .......

br KH

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