SAM-BA wants to know port ID

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SAM-BA wants to know port ID

Post by Jameser » Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:34 pm

I am running OpenTX Companion 2.0.19 with SAM-BA 2.15 on a Win 7 computer.
Transmitter is Flysky TH-9X with Smartyparts 2.4 board
Trying to flash OpenTX

Windows Device Manager tells me that I have a USBasp type libusbK USB... device (my TH-9X with Smartyparts) installed and working properly, located at Port_#0001.Hub_#0001.

In the OpenTX 2.0.19 "Settings" tab, "Configure Communications" asks for "Port". If I enter "Port_#0001.Hub_#0001" and try to write the .bin file to the transmitter, SAM-BA tells me the connection was "not found" and "SAM-BA done with errors".

What would be the correct "Port" name to satisfy SAM-BA and how do I find that "Port" name?

BTW - Running SAM-BA 2.15 alone gives me no choice for "Select the connection" as though it can't see the transmitter.

Zadig can see the transmitter @ USB ID 03F0 171D with a libusbk (v3.0.7.0) driver. Or I can change drivers with Zadig to give me "SmartieParts 9X Programmer (USBasp)" with "libusb-win32 driver" at "Port_#0002.Hub_0001" in Device Manager.

What do I tell SAM-BA?

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Re: SAM-BA wants to know port ID

Post by MikeB » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:20 pm

SAM-BA and Zadig are for ARM processors. You have a 9X with an AVR processor. This uses AvrDude to communicate.
You probably haven't selected the correct target device in Companion.

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