companion 9x software not recognizing Taranis plus

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companion 9x software not recognizing Taranis plus

Post by aphillmi » Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:59 pm

Ok I tried reading through the posts and spent the better part of 20 hours trying to troubleshoot this problem, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the Taranis plus with the firmware version opentx-taranis-plus-2.0.17 (not sure if that's important).
1) I installed the companion 9x software.
2) I downloaded and installed the stm32 bootloader (computer is happy and appears good)
3) looking at the device manager the stm32 bootloader shows up when I plug in the transmitter.
4) the computer acknowledges device is connected with audible notes (both with radio on and off).
5) Both with the taranis on or off the companion 9x software will not show the radio on the available drives when i open the file list to the left?
6) if I take the micro card out of the radio and put in the computer directly the drive will show up.

I've tried this on 3 different computers that run windows 10, and 1 that runs windows 7 all with the same results.

any idea why companion 9x software will not recognize the radio when connect with usb cable? hoping i didn't take something off the micro card that is screwing up connection when in the radio?

please help just got this radio for xmas and already frustrated :cry:

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Re: companion 9x software not recognizing Taranis plus

Post by jtaylor » Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:58 pm

First off you with a Taranis Plus at 2.0.17 you should not be using Companion9x. You should be using OpenTX Companion 2.0.17 which can be downloaded from . Second with a plus at 2.0.17 you should not need to install any drivers (connecting powered on using the boot loader it should use the default Windows massstore drivers), and if you installed drivers with the transmitter powered on and connected you replaced the correct driver with a wrong one. So lets see where we are:

With the transmitter not connected to the computer power it on using the three finger solute by holding the two horizontal trims towards the center while you turn on power. The transmitter should power on in boot loader mode and display the boot loader screen on the lcd display.

Plug in the usb cable to the computer. You should get the connection tones and have two new drives appear under Windows. If you get the two drives Companion should be able to talk to the transmitter. If you do not get the two drives go into device manager, find the device and delete it and remove whatever driver it is using. Unplug the usb, reconnect and let Windows install the default driver. Hopefully you will get the two new drives and Companion will be able to talk to the Taranis. Come back and let us know how it goes.


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