FPV 9X P1 Wiring and charge port diode

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FPV 9X P1 Wiring and charge port diode

Post by Gaijin » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:28 am

I need a bit of help here on two fronts.

First of all does anyone have a clear photograph of the wiring to the P1 potentiometer, the reason being I removed mine in favour for a 3 pos switch mod and have now replaced P3 with a six position switch and wish to restore P1.

Trouble is I can't remember the wiring sequence and whilst it does work it's no longer linear around the bottom of the travel, rather than keep trying different combinations I thought it better to ask.

Secondly, I'm looking to add an FPV screen with built in rx on a bracket above the tx and want to power it from the internal LiFe via the charge port keeping the weight and complexity down, a photo of this arrangement internally and a bit of guidance as how to bypass the internal diode would be really helpful.

I know there are a lot of sharp people here so I'm sure someone can help, I'll post shots of the finished article when it's done, should make a really streamlined portable compact groundstation / transmitter in one.


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Re: FPV 9X P1 Wiring and charge port diode

Post by ReSt » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:06 am

Unsolder all three wires from the pot.
The two outer wires at every pot are ground voltage and +5volt.
Use the outer pins of another pot as reference and verify the three wires of your pot in question with an ohmmeter. One wire will have low resistance (around 0 Ohm) to one outer pin, one wire with the other outer pin.

You then know which wires have to go to the two outer pins.
The remaining wire goes to the middle pin.
In case the pot now works in the wrong direction when you turn the knob, just swap the two outer wires.


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Re: FPV 9X P1 Wiring and charge port diode

Post by jhsa » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:44 am

I think he might just have to calibrate the sticks and pots.. if he had the wrong wiring he would already have shorted 5V to ground with the pot by turning it, and burning it..

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