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Post by er3769 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:34 pm

er3769 here, I need help and giidence. Built my 1st modle airplane 75 years ago. Darn it the old adage is true, new tricks come hard to an old dog. All those years of JR, Futab, and Spektrum 'many wires' makes Smart port, USB, and fewer wires scary and uncertain to me. I 'think' it would help me a lot if I could SEE a grafic display or photos of the two systems as a complete phyaical display for compairison. Thanks in advance for the help. Are there any Taranis folks in the Tampa FL area to possibly work directly beside? Thanks again, Ed

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Post by rdeanchurch » Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:04 am

Sorry no one has responded. I'm in the middle of a move from California to Nevada and have stuffed packed a way...so if no one steps up I'll find some stuff and see if I can put together a picture or two.

I'm transitioning to RX4R receivers and it may be one of the harder ones to get a good idea from....unless you are also using RX4R or RX6R.

So if you haven't noodled it out, post that you still want/need the help.

What receiver are you using?

(I am 82 ...almost 83, heck you might be even older than me. My first models were UControl, but probably only 67 to 70 years ago. )

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