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Linear Y-axis Rail Upgrade (CR10 3D Printer)

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 1:50 pm
by bob195558
Because the print-bed surface is weak from side to side,
and can be easily tipping down with very light pressure
especially when printing large tall parts,
this upgrade fixes this trouble.
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_e.jpg
I purchased this kit through Amazon
"JS 1set CR-10S Light Weight MGN12H Linear Rail Y axis Carriage Upgrade for Creality CR-10 300mm 3D Printer".
This kit was less cost then purchasing everything separately.
Kit Package contained:
1 x CR10S 300mm Y Carriage
2 x MGN12H 500mm linear rails with 2 bearing blocks
2 x 2020 V-slot 460mm extrusion profile
8 x 2020 brackets
1 set X M3x8 screws & T nuts

I did need to purchase shorter Aluminum Spacers
".375" Length x .250" Inside OD Dia x .375" Outside Dia": ... UTF8&psc=1
This was so, that the print-bed surface would not be raised up higher.

I also had to purchase shorter M3 screws so to fit
the shorter spacers properly : ... UTF8&psc=1
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_f.jpg

Remove the Print-bed.
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_g.jpg
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_h.jpg
Install the Linear Y-axis Rails
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_m.jpg
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_i.jpg

Need to add bolt to be used to make contact with the Y-axis HOME micro switch.
Linear Rails Y axis MGN12H_P.jpg

Next install the print-bed:

Re: Linear Y-axis Rail Upgrade (CR10 3D Printer)

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:07 am
by bob195558
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