Simple way make your own Solid-Bed-Mounts (3D Printing)

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Simple way make your own Solid-Bed-Mounts (3D Printing)

Post by bob195558 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:17 pm

This simple way to make your own Solid-Bed-Mounts is with the 3D printers that have printing-beds similar to the CR10 prints.
Solid Bed Mounts_a.jpg
You can click on photo to zoom in if you like.

A) The items you will need to acquire is eight (8) M4 nuts.

1) Remove what you have that covers your Heat-Bed,
so that you have access to the top of the 4 Heat-Bed adjusting-screws.
Also you may want to note about where the adjusting-springs are compressed to, on the 4 Heat-Bed adjusting-screws.
2) Remove the 4 adjusting-nut wheels from the bottom underside of the Hear-Bed.
3) Lift the Heat-Bed off and remove the 4 adjusting-springs.
4) Next assemble one of the M4 nuts to each of the Heat-Bed adjusting-screws
and tighten it to the bottom of the Heat-Bed.
5) Then assemble a second M4 nut to about where the compressed adjusting-springs were.
6) Place the Heat-Bed back on to the 3D printer.
7) Next reassemble the 4 adjusting-nut wheels and tighten them.
8) Reassemble what you have to covers your Heat-Bed for the printing surface.
9) Adjust the 4 corners of your Heat-Bed back to where it is flat again,
by loosening and tightening the middle M4 nut with the bottom adjusting-nut wheel.

Expect that you may need to make many adjustments before you are
able to have your Heat-Bed back to where you had it.
When you have your Heat-Bed flat again it should stay flat unless something unusual happens.

This is an old not well done sketch that I made very quickly,
but I think will be a help to shows how the
simple Solid-Bed-Mounts are assembled.
Adjustable Solid Bed Mounts.jpg

Also if you have not upgraded to theTH3D EZABL-Pro, this upgrade is the first and best upgrade you can do for yourself.
See here for more info: ... eling-kit/
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