Flashing EZFirmware TH3D U2.R1.B1 to CR10s Printer

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Flashing EZFirmware TH3D U2.R1.B1 to CR10s Printer

Post by bob195558 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:25 pm

Flashing EZFirmware TH3D U2.R1.B1 to CR10s Printer
Tough_G40bb March 20, 2020

List of Upgrades to CR10 Printer
1) TH3D EZBoard Lite V1.2 (control board)
2) TH3D EZOut Filament Sensor
3) TH3D EZABL Kit - Direct Wire, Auto Bed Leveling
4) Dual Z- Screws with Single Stepper Motor

TH3D Tough Direct Heatsink Extruder with V6 Hotend
5) TH3D Titan Aero Tough Heatsink
6) TH3D Titan Tough Extruder - 3:1 Gearing, Bowden OR Direct 1.75mm
7) TH3D 1A Pancake Stepper Motor - NEMA 17 22.6mm
8) TH3D V6 Hotend w/ Nozzle Kit Tough All-Metal Hotend w/Nozzles
9) Th3D Tough 50W Heater Cartridge – 12V
10) TH3D Glass Thermistor
11) Th3D 40mm Hotend Fan (12V)
12) TH3D 5015 High Speed Sealed Bearing Fan (12V)

13) Increase Print-Bed Y-axis Travel Mod
14) TH3D Silicone Socks for V6 Hotends
15) Raspberry Pi 3B with TH3D EZPi image
16) TH3D EZFlex - Flexible Print System

Configure (h) EZFirmware (Version: TH3D U2.R1.14a)
1) Go to: https://ezfirmware.th3dstudio.com/
2) Select: "Online firmware configuration"
3) Create a "Tags" name, that you will use to identify this EZFirmware file.
4) Read all the instruction that you will need to know.
5) Uncomment all the proper selections for your 3D Printer. (Uncomment means removing the two // in front of #define)
6) There will be some feature selections that will be uncomment already
and which you may find, will want to comment, to turn them off
or change a default setting value.

7) Below is a copy of my "Online firmware configuration"
I color coded my selections and default setting value changes.

8) Also write down what the "Z-Offset Setting" is (may-be-like -2.450) before flashing the new configured EZFirmware,
so that you can enter it after Flashing the new EZFirmware and Reset EEPROM.

Tough Extruder_G40bb
Status: Success
Tag: Tough_G40bb
Created: March 20, 2020, 11:27 p.m. (UTC)
Completed: March 20, 2020, 11:30 p.m. (UTC)
Task ID: 7225 - 5b6160a4add03c56ded918a7b436e6df

* ************** How to use this firmware - READ THIS, yes actually read this. *********************************
* If you are having general compile issues please visit http://EZFirmware.TH3DStudio.com and use our web compile tool.
* You can upload this file to our server and have it compile it for you. This is much easier and quicker than your local PC.
* Uncomment means removing the 2 // in front of #define.
* If you have EZABL uncomment the mount you are using with the printer.
* If you have a custom/unsupported mount uncomment #define CUSTOM_PROBE and enter your offsets
* below in the CUSTOM MOUNT section. Refer to the EZABL guide to get your offsets.
* STEP 1:
* Uncomment the printer you want to flash and any options you want to use. The printers are sorted A-Z by brand name.
* Save the file before moving to the next step.
* STEP 2:
* Select PlatformIO > Build to build the firmware. Copy the Firmware.bin file from the ".pioenvs/LPC1769" to your SD card.
* Put the SD card into the printer with the power OFF. Turn on the printer, it will take a little longer to boot as it is flashing the firmware.
* STEP 3:
* Reset your eeprom. You can send M502 then M500 to reset the EEPROM OR on the printer LCD go to
* Control > Reset EEPROM to clear out the EEPROM to defaults.
* If you get errors flashing READ the message it gives you. Turn off any AV systems and reboot the computer.
* If there is an option that has text make sure to keep the " marks around the text or the compile will fail.
* All features in the community requested features section are provided as-is with no support from TH3D.

#pragma once


//============================ TH3D Configuration ===========================


// **************** EZBoard Lite Printer Configuration ****************

// CR-10 Series -------------------------------------------------------------
#define CR10
//#define CR10_MINI
//#define CR10_S4
//#define CR10_S5

// CR-10S Series ------------------------------------------------------------
//#define CR10S
//#define CR10S_MINI
//#define CR10S_S4
//#define CR10S_S5

// Ender Series -------------------------------------------------------------
//#define ENDER3
//#define ENDER5
//#define ENDER5_PLUS

// Sovol Machines -----------------------------------------------------------
//#define SOVOL_SV01

// Filament Sensor Options --------------------------------------------------
// If your machine came stock with a filament sensor it will be enabled automatically. If you replaced your stock sensor with our EZOut or you added an EZOut enabling the EZOUTV2_ENABLE will override the Creality sensor if your machine had one

// If you are using our EZOut Sensor connect to the FIL SENSOR header with the RED wire lined up with the "5V" marking by the header and uncomment the below line.

// If you are using the Creality CR-10S Sensor connect to the FIL SENSOR header with the RED wire lined up with the "5V" marking by the header and uncomment the below line.

// EZABL Probe Mounts -------------------------------------------------------
//#define CR10_OEM //OEM Mount for Creality Machines (Ender3/5/CR-10/CR-10S)
//#define SV01_OEM_MOUNT //Sovol SV01 OEM Mount
//#define CR10_VOLCANO //TH3D CR-10 Volcano Mount
//#define CR10_V6HEAVYDUTY //V6 Heavy Duty Mount
//#define TM3DAERO //TM3D Aero Mount for V6
//#define TM3DAERO_EXTENDED //TM3D Arto Mount for Volcano
//#define PETSFANG //This is the RIGHT mounted version
#define CUSTOM_PROBE //For any other probe mount (also used for BL Touch), Enter offsets below

// Ender 5 Plus ONLY ABL Settings -------------------------------------------
// By default the Ender 5 Plus comes with a BL Touch. Enabling the ENDER5_PLUS_EZABL or ENDER5_PLUS_NOABL will override the BL Touch setting
// If you are using the stock BL Touch with a non-stock mount enable the CUSTOM_PROBE line above and enter the offsets below for the new mount.

// Advanced Settings --------------------------------------------------------
// These settings do not typically need to be adjusted except for machines that do not follow stock configs

// If you are using a modded machine with a higher Z height use the below option to change the height. This value is in mm.
//#define CUSTOM_ZHEIGHT 400

// If you have the new Ender 5 or Ender 5 Pro Model that has the new leadscrew uncomment the below option to set the correct stepping mode for the Z driver

// Dual Z Motor Settings
// When running dual Z motors uncomment the below line. This will increase the Z motor driver current for 2x motors.

// Axis Direction Settings
// If you need to reverse the direction of a motor uncomment the below option for that axis.
// E motor settings are below in the Extruder Settings Section

// E Motor Torque Settings
// By default we have StealthChop2 Disabled for the E axis. This is due to the possibility of losing steps
// due to the low torque nature of StealthChop2. If you want to quiet down the E motor you can uncomment the
// below line. However, if you get lost steps and inconsistent extrusion then disable this option.

// Fix for Older EZABL Kits
// If you are having issues with the EZABL not triggering when connected to the Z-Stop header you can use the servo header pins.
// See here for details: https://www.th3dstudio.com/knowledgebas ... ering-fix/
//#define V3_EZABL_ON_SERVO

// E3D PT100 Thermocouple Support
// Refer to the EZBoard installation documentation for connecting the PT100 to the EZBoard Expansion Header
//#define EZBOARD_PT100

// ************************* END PRINTER SECTION *************************

// EZABL Advanced Settings

// If you want more or less EZABL probe points change the number below (only used if EZABL enabled)
// Default is 3 which gives you 3x3 grid for a total of 9 points. STICK WITH ODD NUMBERS
#define EZABL_POINTS 7

// If you want to change how far in or out the probe senses change EZABL_PROBE_EDGE value below
// Most Machines - 35
// Binder Clips? - 50

// If you have issues with your machine running the faster probe setting disable the #define EZABL_FASTPROBE below.
// NOTE: Most machines will work with the fast probe enabled. Use M48 to verify accuracy.

// Superfast probing - Only works with the EZABL Pro Sensors

// This will disable the XYE motors during probing. Can be useful if you have stepper motors causing interference issues with your ABL sensor.

// Heaters will stay on during probing - only use if directed to by support. Do not use on AC beds.

// Letting the bed heat recover between probes can increase accuracy due to the bed warping during cooling/heating
// Enabling the below option will let the bed get back to temperature during probing but will increase probing times.

// If you want a more granular control over the babystepping uncomment the below line.
// This will make the adjustment finer than the standard setting.

// This will extrapolate the implied tilt of the bed outside of the probe area. Do not comment out unless directed by support.

// Does your machine make weird noises/vibrations when it is probing the mesh? Enable this to slow down the speed between probe points.

* Z Probe to nozzle (X,Y) offset, relative to (0, 0).
* In the following example the X and Y offsets are both positive:
* #define NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET { 10, 10, 0 }
* +-- BACK ---+
* | |
* L | (+) P | R <-- probe (20,20)
* E | | I
* F | (-) N (+) | G <-- nozzle (10,10)
* T | | H
* | (-) | T
* | |
* O-- FRONT --+
* (0,0)
* Specify a Probe position as { X, Y, Z }
* Do NOT enter an number for the Z position in here. Store your offset in EEPROM.
#define NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET { -55.0, -5.5, 0 }

//******************** EXTRA FEATURES AND TWEAKS ****************************

// EXTRUDER SETTINGS -------------------------------
// Use to set custom esteps and/or reverse your E Motor direction if you are installing an extruder that needs the direction reversed.
// If you reversed the wiring on your E motor already (like the Bondtech Guide says to do) then you do not need to reverse it in the firmware here.

// If you want to change the Esteps for your printer you can uncomment the below line and set CUSTOM_ESTEPS_VALUE to what you want - USE WHOLE NUMBERS ONLY
// This option sets the esteps from the CUSTOM_ESTEPS_VALUE line below.
// If you need to reverse the e motor direction also enabled the REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION option.
// Example EStep Values: TH3D Aluminum Extruder - 95 ESteps, TH3D Tough Extruder - 463 ESteps, BMG Extruder - 415 ESteps
// When installing a Tough Extruder or E3D Titan or Bondtech that is Geared you likely need to enable the REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION option

// If you are using a pancake stepper enable the PANCAKE_STEPPER option to reduce the motor current to lower the stepper temperature

// If you have a filament sensor that is physically mounted to the machine you can enable MOUNTED_FILAMENT_SENSOR to set the unload length to 0 to prevent filament from backing up in the sensor by uncommenting MOUNTED_FILAMENT_SENSOR

// If you have a direct drive machine with a filament sensor uncomment DIRECT_DRIVE_PRINTER to decrease the unload length from 100mm to 20mm

// THERMISTOR SETTINGS -----------------------------

// If you are using an E3D V6 Hotend (or Hemera) with their cartridge thermistor (not glass version) uncomment the below line.
//#define V6_HOTEND

// If you are using a Tough Hotend from TH3D or any thermistors TH3D sells for your hotend uncomment the below line.

// If you are using a thermistor TH3D sells for your bed uncomment the below line.

// If you are using a Keenovo with SSR and the Keenovo temperature sensor uncomment the below line.

// If you are using a known hotend thermistor value uncomment the below 2 lines and enter the thermistor number replacing the X after the #define KNOWN_HOTEND_THERMISTOR_VALUE

// If you have a hotend and thermistor capable of over 290C you can set the max temp value below.
// Setting this higher than 290C on a stock or traditional thermistor will damage it. Refer to your thermistor documentation to see what max temp is.

// BED THERMISTOR SETTINGS -------------------------

// If you are using a known bed thermistor value uncomment the below 2 lines and enter the thermistor number replacing the X after the #define KNOWN_BED_THERMISTOR_VALUE

// If you want to make thermal protection periods less or more adjust below. The number is in seconds.
// If you are getting false thermal runaway then increase the protection time. Do not make it over 300 for either setting.

// BED SETTINGS ------------------------------------

// If you want PID regulation on your bed you can enable the below line. But PID on a bed is not typically needed. By default BED PID is disabled.

// If you are using an AC bed with a standalone controller (Keenovo) uncomment the below line to disable the heated bed in the firmware
//#define AC_BED

// Stock bed max is 120C for this firmware. Enable this to allow temps up to 150C. Your bed must support this temp for it to achieve the higher temperatures.
//#define BED_HIGHTEMP

// MISC --------------------------------------------

// If you have a 5015 fan that whines when under 100% speed uncomment the below line.
//#define FAN_FIX

// Use your own printer name
#define USER_PRINTER_NAME "Tough_G40bb"

// If your printer is homing to the endstops hard uncomment this to change the homing speed/divisor to make it less aggressive.

//****************** COMMUNITY REQUESTED FEATURES ***************************

// HOME OFFSET ADJUSTMENT --------------------------
// If you need to adjust your XY home offsets from defaults then you can uncomment the HOME_ADJUST line below and enter your
// custom XY offsets. This is provided for convenience and is unsupported with included product support.
// How to use - measure (home XY then jog using the LCD 1mm at a time) the X and Y distance the nozzle is off
// the build plate and then put those as NEGATIVE values below, positive values will NOT work (move your endstops to fix a positve offset).
#define X_HOME_LOCATION -1.0
#define Y_HOME_LOCATION -2.0

// LINEAR ADVANCE ----------------------------------
// See here on how to use Linear Advance: http://marlinfw.org/docs/features/lin_advance.html
// Change the K Value here or use M900 KX.XX in your starting code (recommended).

// BL TOUCH ----------------------------------------
// If you want to use the BL-Touch install your EZOut Board, uncomment the 2 lines below, uncomment the CUSTOM_PROBE option in your printer section,
// and then enter your probe offsets in the CUSTOM_PROBE section above. DO NOT USE A "PIN 27" or "EZOUT" board with the EZBOARD.
//#define BLTOUCH
// Here is where you set your servo pin. For EZBoard use P2_04
//#define SERVO0_PIN P2_04

// MANUAL MESH LEVELING ----------------------------
// If you want to use manual mesh leveling you can enable the below option. This is for generating a MANUAL mesh WITHOUT a probe.
// Mesh Bed Leveling Documentation: http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/G029-mbl.html
// NOTE: If you want to automate the leveling process our EZABL kits do this for you. Check them out here: http://EZABL.TH3DStudio.com

// POWER LOSS RECOVERY -----------------------------
// Continue after Power-Loss feature will store the current state to the SD Card at the start of each layer
// during SD printing. If this is found at bootup it will ask you if you want to resume the print.
// NOTE: This feature causes excessive wear on your SD card. This will disable junction jerk, SCurve Acceleration, and Linear Advance due to RAM limitations.

// MOTION SETTINGS ---------------------------------
// If you do not like the new Junction Deviation (Jerk) and/or S-Curve Acceleration then you can uncomment the below lines to disable each feature.

// Language - This is provided for convenience and is unsupported with included product support.
// We only test compile with English language. If you run into space issues disable some features.

* Select the language to display on the LCD. These languages are available:
* en, an, bg, ca, cn, cz, cz_utf8, de, el, el-gr, es, eu, fi, fr, fr_utf8, gl,
* hr, it, kana, kana_utf8, nl, pl, pt, pt_utf8, pt-br, pt-br_utf8, ru, sk_utf8,
* tr, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW, test

#define LCD_LANGUAGE en

#include "Configuration_backend.h"

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Re: Flashing EZFirmware TH3D U2.R1.B1 to CR10s Printer

Post by bob195558 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:29 pm

1) Next compile the new configuration.

2) Then Down Load and "Save File" to a new folder on your computer.

3) Copy and Paste this "firmware" file to a blank Micro SD card.
Note: there can NOT be any other files (stuff) on this Micro SD card.
Also this firmware.bin file must have the file name of "firmware" only.

4) With the EZBoard powered down install this Micro SD card with
the "firmware" file, into the EZBoard.

5) Then Power up the EZBoard and it will flash your TH3D EZFirmware onto your new EZBoard Lite.
Note: After flashing this "firmware" file will change, so it will not be able to re-flash any EZBoard Lite again.
After flashing, power down Printer and remove this "firmware" file from the SD Card,
because it may freeze up the firmware when removing the SD card.

6) Next go to "Configurations" / "Reset EEPROM"
(will take you to "Reset EEPROM?" screen) / select "Reset" you will hear a long beep
and wait until screen returns to the "Info screen".

7) Enter the "Z-Offset Setting" that you have written down earlier.

8) Next go to "Configurations" / "Store settings" to save your new values.
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Re: Flashing EZFirmware TH3D U2.R1.B1 to CR10s Printer

Post by bob195558 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:29 pm

After this there are several calibrating process's that are needed to be done.

1) P.I.D. Autotune: https://openrcforums.com/forum/viewtopi ... 29&t=12350

2) Next go to "Store settings" to save your new values.

3) Calibrate Extruder Estep Value if you need to, find here: https://openrcforums.com/forum/viewtopi ... 29&t=12486

4) Again next go to "Store settings" to save your new values.
Er9x on 9x radio, with Smartieparts Programmer and TelemetrEZ Board.
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