Bound x4r-sb with sbus problem

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Bound x4r-sb with sbus problem

Post by SuperflyFPV » Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:08 am

I am using a x4r-sb and can get pwm channel 1 to work I however have no idea how to get the sbus to work. I also have not added the telemetry wires to my xjt module, I am thinking that it may be why it is not working. My protocol is pxx the type is D16. Channel one in my mixer corresponds with a lost model alarm that is wired into channel 1 of my receiver. Channels 2 to 6 of my mixer are being used but it is not working with my spracingf3 which is wired up for sbus. Do I have to do anything special to get sbus to work? P.S. this is my first time using a xjt or any frsky transmitter or reciever.

If all this information I have given you isn't enough I could record a video and show you my complete setup and what I am doing. I just don't have that time right now. Thanks for any help as I really need it.

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Re: Bound x4r-sb with sbus problem

Post by Akeldama » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:57 pm

Most recent versions I've seen shipping for the X4R-SB use pin 1 for CPPM channels 1-8, pin 2 for channel 9 and pin 3 for channel 10. Sbus is on pin 4 for channels 1-16. I don't believe you can use Sbus AND any of the other pins; it's either Sbus OR CPPM.

Perhaps this is your problem?

Also, you'll want to get that telemetry wire connected. It's a single wire that's easy to solder; there are several instruction threads here for just that modification.

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