9Xtreme FrSky Haptic Upgrade Mod

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9Xtreme FrSky Haptic Upgrade Mod

Post by bob195558 » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:50 am

9Xtreme FrSky Haptic Upgrade Mod

Wiring connections for the 9Xtreme Expansion Grid:
1) Pin 10: +3.3V
2) Pin 12: Haptic Out Signal
3) Pin 13: -GND
9Xtreme Ex Grid pads_c.jpg
9Xtreme Expansion Grid.jpg
9Xtreme Expansion Grid Wiring Connections.
FrSky Haptic
FrSky Haptic Upgrade.jpg
FrSky Haptic Upgrade
Add wires to FrSky Haptic Upgrade
FrSky Haptic 9Xtreme Upgrade_a.jpg
FrSky Haptic Wires added.
Hot Glue Haptic to Case..jpg
I bent the expansion grid pins at about 45 degrees so that the two case halves will fit together.
FrSky Haptic Upgrade Mod_a.jpg
Bob B.
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Re: 9Xtreme FrSky Haptic Upgrade Mod

Post by jhsa » Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:38 am

Very nice job Bob. For the ones that like to build stuff, I built my own driver, and installed 2 motors. One on each side of the radio. Not very difficult..


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