"Dead Horse" 9XR-P lcd availability, info. alternatives?

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"Dead Horse" 9XR-P lcd availability, info. alternatives?

Post by BiggsDarklighter » Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:52 am

There must be a dozen threads and posts on this. They all lead to broken links (one claiming adult websites had infected my Mac with a virus.exe...), unverified recommendations, or modify and use an (also unavailable) 9X replacement.

Ideally, I would like one that is the same size as the original. But, I could make a smaller one work too.

I haven't been able to confidently find part numbers or any identifying information on the original LCD to try and find something else for it. I did find a few possibilities, but not sure if they are usable. I will go check measurements first, and post up any that are close enough to consider further. I couldn't even fins a single mention of what the original screen size diagonal was.

My replacement 9XR-Pro arrived. Its screen is usable, but it has a line out. As much trouble as I am going through for this project, a line out is going to seriously bug me. I have a 9X here too, but it looks like they are not (easily) interchangeable.

I am going to try and repair my original LCD. I think one of the outer lines got cut. If not, then the one with a line out will have to suffice until I find a suitable replacement.

Also, can the expansion header be used for a second (or first) display? I though I stumbled across a mention of there being an i2c interface or lcd expansion somewhere. Yes! There is an i2c port over by the speaker. How does this work and is it usable for a primary display???

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