Yaw gimbal (LH) fluctuating

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Yaw gimbal (LH) fluctuating

Post by rsilk49 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:17 pm

This behaviour is not reproducible all the time, but seems to be happening more often now. Originally, I thought it was a calibration issue, but now I think it is a hardware issue.

My yaw values (LH) are jumping around when I release the left stick . The throtle values (LV) are rock steady (mode 2).

Example: LV is steady at 29, but HV fluctuates randomly between 7 and 24. Sometimes if I leave it for a few minutes or flick the stick it will usually settle back to 0.

Before I order parts or open it up, what is the most likely cause?
S500 + Pixhawk 1 clone + Mauch PM + C&T Telemetry adapter + 9XR-Pro (Taranis gimbals)/XJT/X8R

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