Onscreen Telemetry Taranis Open TX 2.20 Wolfbox

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Onscreen Telemetry Taranis Open TX 2.20 Wolfbox

Post by AI2 »

Dear all,

I am looking for a guide to get telemetry information displayed on my Taranis x9d.
- especially the settings needed on the transmitter. Is it necessary to use an inverter on the "HEARTBEAT SBUS/CPPM input" pin of the serial port? https://github.com/opentx/opentx/wiki/T ... erial-port
I am using a Wolfbox module and opentx 2.20.

Thanks for helping.

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Re: Onscreen Telemetry Taranis Open TX 2.20 Wolfbox

Post by KnuckleupFPV »

Use frsky telem in chrom gui
Move jumper on wolfbox to sport
In taranis telemetry set to frsky
Click discover sensors

Best to set sbus on tx pin in receiver tab
Drop down labled tx change to sbus
Save to eeprom
Power down and back on tx and rx
Move ppm cable to tx pin of receiver
Set protocol on betaflight to sbus and select the correct uart for serial rx.
Go to cli and turn sbus inversion off

set sbus_inversion = off
Hit enter, type save and hit enter
Should get rid of a lot of latency and give you rssi plus two analog inputs. Analog inputs are sda and scl pins.

The broversity receiver is inverted and doesnt need the cli command. The wolfbox needs to be non inverted. Ive been loving the long range flights with my wolfbox. I did the 1w mod by pulling the resistor at r10 and adding a 47k resistor in its place. I also added an rfm23bp 1w module to my receiver and pulled the stock 100mw rfm22bp.

Hope this helps
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