wolfbox problem strange signal from rx

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wolfbox problem strange signal from rx

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Hi good morning
i have this problem from my model:

TX module wolfobx from bangood attach setup on frsky tx.

exit ppm 8 channel

on model RX connected to pixfalcon by one cable from channel 5.

the flight works good but sometimes, all control don't work.

is difficult to describe is not a failsafe but is same if i make at end point some control for example aileron and pitch....problem stay for abaut 2 second...

i'm scure is not a failsafe because i can switch flight mode to rtl....

tre problem is from all distance after 700 meters...

is possible problem is Beacon setup on reicever now is 3000....

Minimum PPM sync time
The minimum time between PPM frames on the PPM output. The default value works fine for many systems but fickle systems such as Ardupilot require a longer sync time (ardupilot 3.1 and better works ok with 3000, some older versions apparently want 4200).

can help me?
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