I2C servo controller

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I2C servo controller

Post by ScottyWarpNine »

Hi, I got OpenLRSng working on the tinyduino platform and I would like to use their I2C servo controller instead of PWM outputs or PPM. I'm looking through the code looking for a part where control data is outputted to the outputs for PWM data so that I can tap into that information and send it via I2C to the servo controller, but I'm having trouble finding it. I've looked pretty extensively through the RX header file but maybe I'm just missing it.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: I2C servo controller

Post by tsenecal »

could you post a link to this "tinyduino i2c servo controller"? i found the site for tinyduino, but nowhere that i can find does it list/describe an i2c servo controller...

i am familiar with this i2c based servo controller:
and have written a sketch that controls that using an input pin that is basically a modified PWM stream...

but not know what i2c servo controller you are specifically using, i cannot help
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Re: I2C servo controller

Post by Epoxid »


this is very similar to the problem I am having: I suppose to send the RC signal to the PWM extension via l2c, your program needs access the digital data, which is being received.

One needs to modify the OpenLRS RX program to return the (probably uint_t8) channel data as a function to a calling program. I am looking for a demo, where the OpenLRS RX is a C-style object inside another program really hard myself. But I couldn't find anything, yet.
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