Very impressed with OpenLRSNG so far

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Very impressed with OpenLRSNG so far

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Just like to say thanks for the work on OpenLRSNG. I have just started with it and I am very impressed. To find that there is an emulation for the FrSky telemetry protocol is unexpected good news too. I just tested it this morning and it works great, making OpenLRSNG nearly a plug in replacement for FrSky. The only thing required is to add a logic inverte/level translator at the serial input. This is because the FrSky uses inverted logic signals ( so it can accept RS232 inputs I think). It works nice if you use a NPN transistor as the logic inverter/level translator. I wired the Serial input to the base via a 10 k resistor and added another 10 k resistor between base and ground. The emitter is grounded. The collector is connected to the OpenLRS receiver 3.3 V supply via a 4.7 k resistor. The output is taken off the collector direct to the OpenLRS serial input. I also added a 10 uF and 0.1 uF decoupling capacitor in the line across the Ground and 3.3V power supply to help smooth any noise.

Not tested in the air yet but vey soon I hope..

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