How do i get rssi output on ch16? er9x-r820 v1.743

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How do i get rssi output on ch16? er9x-r820 v1.743

Post by lemonc » Sat May 27, 2017 10:49 pm

I ve got a new betaflight fc and a frsky xm receiver and im trying to get rssi value on my osd. the xm does not have telemetry but it can take receive rssi value apparently and im struggling to get that output. im using a turnigy 9xr (not the pro) and a xjt module. the 9xr was modded to get telem values from my xsr receiver but even that stumps me a bit... this should be more simple i d imagine. this isnt the most used trans and setup these days and i hope to upgrade sometime this year but anywho..

i did find some thread suggesting to set in the globalvars menu SC1 source as rssi and but i cant set the unit to percentage as suggested bc its not available? then to set ch16 in the mixer to sc1 etc but that does not seem to give me a reading that changes at all. i did the betaflight steps suggested by projectbluefalcon on youtube to get the xm to have 16 channels etc, and i see full value at 2000ish in the betaflight gui... i just dont see any movement or changes in the rssi value. hopefully im almost there...

can anyone offer me advice?

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Re: How do i get rssi output on ch16? er9x-r820 v1.743

Post by MikeB » Tue May 30, 2017 10:29 pm

Units of "percent" are not in er9x, only in ersky9x, but for your operation they don't matter.
Go to the "numbers" display of the channels and check if the value for channel 16 is changing as the RSSI changes (press the "RIGHT" button to show channels 9-16).
Check in the protocol menu you are using the XJT (was named PXX) protocol in D16 mode and with 16 channels selected.

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