program the display of values

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program the display of values

Post by flyingdockp » Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:23 pm

Dear all,

I'm trying to program a helicopter for another member of our flyingclub (Horus X12) in opentx.
He has a flybarred heli with ccpm with a nitro engine. He will use a governor on that heli, a GV1.

The GV1 is a simple but very nice governor, and has three inputs: throttle input, on/off switch and speed setting channel.(
He had a Futaba FC 18 radio, which was programmable to display the rpm as set in the GV1 and that's what he would like to have again.

SO, the challenge is to use a Rotary switch for the speed setting channel, and to get the display to display the set RPM. But... how to do that? There is no telemetry function yet for the rpm in his setup.

The GV-1 has 3 setpoints (ie RPM1 1500, RPM2 1700 and rpm3 2000). IT would be nice if it would be possible to display 1500 at -100%, 1700 at 0% and 2000 at 100%, but also to be able to display for example every logical value between these setpoints (ie 1600 at -50%).

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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