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Hardware Mods

The 9x radio has loads of potential mods. A list of these guides is being worked on by various community members - links below.

9xr Specific Mods

Many of the mods for the 9x radios can be applied to the Turnigy 9xr radio. But there are some that only apply to the 9xr. Those are found here

* How to fix sticking buttons (video tutorial) 
* How to make a safe battery adapter (video tutorial) 
* How to change stick mode (video tutorial) 
* How to install better buttons. (video tutorial)

RF Mods

* How to modify your 9x to support telemetry
* How to modify your 9x to support telemetry using the TelemetrEZ
* How to modify your 9x to the DSM protocol
* Using a GPS mouse to get GPS data onto your TX display
* How to mod your 9x to support DSM2/DSMX
* How to modify your 9x to support Anylink
* How to convert a FlySky module to support DSM2/DSMX

Cosmetic Mods

* How to install a Back Light in your 9x radio
* Custom Spray
* How to Modify your TX module for your trainer port to work correctly & your simulator

Audio Mods

* Speaker Mod
* Speaker Mod with Haptic Feedback
* Audio (Voice) Mod
* New Voice Mod

Fully Mod a new Transmitter

* Battery, Backlight, Speaker, Haptic, Telemetry & DSM Mods

Changing your main board

* Sky9X Mainboard Upgrade
* Gruvin9X Mainboard Upgrade

Other Mods

* PPM In Fix for the 9x
* TelemetrEZ
* Fix horizontal trims transmitter reboot
* Install FrSky Taranis replacement gimbals in a 9X

Hardware Repair Guides

* Reverse Polarity Brick - Fix
* Your LCD has died?
* Dealing with a Fuse Brick

Software Guides


* Eepe How To Guides - Make your life easy


* companion9x How To Guides - Make your life easy