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What is the TelemetrEZ??'s second major offering for the 9x transmitter! Like their SmartieParts board, the goal here is to reduce or eliminate the need for soldering when modifying your 9x transmitter. TelemetrEZ (Telemetry + Easy) achieves that for the popular, but otherwise difficult, task of adding FrSky Telemetry capabilities to your system.

If you haven't yet bought your FrSky components, click here for some info and links.

Normally, when performing Telemetry mods, quite tricky soldering is involved because the 9x has no available inputs. There's a number of Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) guides published here, authored by the ingenious folks that figured this stuff out... but as you'll see, the tasks can be daunting even for those experienced with soldering and electronics. In particular is the step where you are required to solder two wires directly to the tiny pins on the 9x's main chip... yikes! TelemetrEZ solves all that with little or no soldering required.

TelemetrEZ bolts onto the back circuit board on the inside of your 9x. Three included jumper wires connect the TelemetrEZ to your 9x. Another included wire connects to your FrSky telemetry enabled transmitter module. The onboard Atmel Attiny1634 chip makes the magic happen! It accepts the signals from the FrSky and passes them along to the 9x via UART.

Now... this can really open up some doors for other modifications as well! While TelemetrEZ is sold specifically for the purpose of adding FrSky Telemetry to your 9x, the possibilities are almost endless. What we've done is open a direct line of communication with the 9x, which has no available inputs, but guess what?!?! TelemetrEZ has plenty of inputs ready to be put to work! With community support all sorts of add-on devices could be interfaced with TelemetrEZ, and TelemetrEZ would handle the job of passing data back and forth with the 9x.

If you need to know where to get a TelemetrEZ, and how to install it go to How_to_modify_your_9x_to_support_telemetry_using_the_TelemetrEZ.

Here are some current TelemetrEZ projects:

 * TelemetrEZ rotary encoder
 * TelemetrEZ Bluetooth forwarding