Speaker Mod with Haptic Feedback

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Speaker Mod with Haptic Feedback

This circuit shows the way that the vibration motor can be wired up to the radio for use with the PiSpkr range of firmware options.

Modifying the radio is dead simple.

Note! Currently this mod does not require a specific version of the firmware. It simply uses the port on the cpu and sends the tones.

In time it may be moved into a -haptic version of the firmware!

You will need a few part on your shopping list:

  1. A piezo speaker(ceramic/capacitor speaker). (this speaker needs to no more than 2.5cm to 3cm diameter.)
  2. a capacitor. (4.7u) seems to do the trick.
  3. a capacitor (10uf preferred - 2,2uF to 47uF could be used) - totally optional but "helps" and its very cheap! so it won't harm!
  4. a 4mm or similar vibration motor to provide the haptic feedback.
  5. a 220 ohm to 1K resistor (this will improve safety with, virtually, any type of battery (any voltage)!
  6. a diode! 1N4001 will do the job!
A normal speaker will work but its not totally safe! - it could burn the output from the controller, tests have 
shown a piezo has a much lower power draw so its safe to use

These parts can all be purchased easily eBay, Conrad or Radioshack!

Note!  Your 9x may come with either of the boards below.  Simply choose the option to suit your 9x!

The following images:



shows how you need to modify your radio. It should be largely self explanatory!

The lead to the 'free pin' is a single line that is soldered to pin 43 on the cpu.

This is marked in 'red' on the following image.


This pin is right next to the pins used for the frsky mod, so if doing that mod, then probably best to do this at the same time!