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Until such time as we can summarise all the templates on this page, please get the templates
from the forum at
Most templates are a few posts down the page.

Templates are basically models that have been saved to an .eepe file and contains all the settings applied to the model.

If you dont know what I am talking about then here is a summary:

- The 9x transmitter allows you to set up multiple models for erm ... well your different models.
- You can use software on your PC to simulate, manage and/or import and write these models to and from your transmitter. 
  The two PC software programs that work with the 9x are Companion9x and eePe.
- You can then save these models to files for backup/reference/keeping.

Using the software gives you a much clearer image of how your transmitter menu system is put together. So how does this help me?

Well lets say you need to know how to set up flaps on your model, then

- download a sample (template)
- load it into Companion9x or eePe.
- see how the mixes and settings apply on your radio. This is very easy on your PC since the software mimics 
  your transmitter and you should be able to see where to apply the settings on your radio.
- Voala! You now know how to apply mixes in order to get you flaps working properly.