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So you bought a 9x - $50 vs $300<, Wow that is cheap! Hey, build quality is not bad either!

Switch it on and you see the menu system (Firmware) is not what it could be, it is what it is and could be better.

By now you should know that the guys here rewrote the firmware
to be AMAZINGLY fast and clever. If you combine your inexpensive radio with the new firmware
you end up with a radio system that rivals any brand out there.

So, how do I get this new firmware on my potentially funky 9x?

The easiest way is using Software designed to do this (Eepe or Companion9x)
Alternatively you can use your favorite flashing utility and flash the .hex yourself

You make some modifications to your 9x in order to connect it to your PC so you
can flash your radio. (Flashing means you get the new Firmware written to the transmitter.)
The easiest way to modify your radio is to install a Smartieparts 9x add-on board.
With a Smartieparts board, you end up with an El backlight upgrade to your radio as well, you
end up with a mini USB port in your radio, allowing for easy firmware upgrades.
Of course there are other ways to skin a cat, you can flash your radio in other ways too. There are guides available on this wiki.

Once you have installed the new Firmware new and unlimited options open up to you.

 You can use PC software (Windows,Linux or Mac) to program/simulate/interface with your transmitter. (eePe or Companion9x) 
 Mix any controls you can think of.
 A world where you learn and share ideas with a community of like minded enthusiasts.
 ER9x supports (among other things)
   - FRSKY and telemetry
   - JETI telemetry
   - NMEA gps

Now that you've taken the key, and unlocked the potential of your transmitter, you have a very powerful tool to persue your hobby with. Expanding the possibilities of what any ordinary radio could do.

If a feature from other radio platforms is good, chances are it will be supported soon.

There is a team of people constantly working to improve the Firmware and add new features to it.

If you want to try your own hand at customizing and compiling the Firmware, the source is completely open and available.

Our very active forum can be found at
The Wiki can be found at