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The 9X Nutshell

* nutshell - for a quick glance at what 9x (ER9x/Gruvin9x/Open9x) is all about.

Firmware Guides

Please follow the links below to access the documentation for your particular flavour of firmware.

* er9x user guide
  Er9x setup buddy box Instructor/Student
* opentx user guide

In addition to these guides there are a number of video tutorials that although out of date are suitable for mastering the basics of all er9x/th9/gruvin9x/open9x based firmwares.

* Video guides - Check these out... You will find a lot of answers here

Latest Firmware. Version Information and FLASHING Information

In order to bring your 9x and yourself up to the latest version you need to follow steps 1 - 4.

Step 1

* Er9x Firmware Information  
* gruvin9x firmware information
* opentx firmware information

Step 2

* Flashing your 9x Radio - for more about Flashing your 9x transmitter

Step 3

* Read the Guide. (Show me where...)

Step 4

* Sample Templates - If you are new to using er9x, you can download Sample Templates(model configurations) 
  which are useful to learn how to program mixes and set up your Models on your 9x transmitter.

Hardware, Software & Other Guides

A collection of guides that relate to all things 9x can be found on this link.

Hardware Mods
A list of all current and well proven mods to give your 9x or 9xr that extra bling, 
or simply solve a common problem.
Hardware Repair Guides
Nuked your 9x?  These guides may help you fix it.
Software Guides
Want to know how to flash your 9x?   How to use the desktop tools?

Useful links

* er9x on Github
* ersky9x on Github
* gruvin9x on Google Code
* th9x on Google Code
* open9x on Google Code
* gv9x on Google Code
* radioclone on Sourceforge
* turnigy 9XR firmware repository on Google Code
* eePe on Github
* companion9x on Google Code
* openXvario on Google Code

Donating to show your support

None of the developers of these great firmwares expect payment for their work.

If however you do 'feel the need' to show your support, a list of donate buttons can be found on this link.