How to modify your 9x to support Anylink

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Flyzone has come out with a module to allow you to control their tx-r models. ANYLINK is that product. It is pretty neat, and it uses the trainer port ppm signal to feed the module commands. You also need to feed it power. The following text is my adventure in making Anylink , or any other plugin module for that matter, work with the 9X series of radios. (you could do similar for other transmitters).

So I bought a wonderful Albi from Flyzone. It came with the Tactic Anylink, kind of cool.




I opened everything up, and plugged in the spektrum cable that it came with (it plugs into the trainer port and the power lead plugs into the power plug), it also came with a futaba square plug too.



And, nothing. I decided to read the instructions, found out that I need to buy a $15+ cable that has a life battery attached to it for it to work. Whut, I wasn't about to pay more for something that was free.

Looking at the Anylink connector, it's a standard Futaba servo lead. Thought a bit, so it should be Signal, vcc and grnd, why not.



I found a servo extension and donated it to the cause.



Cut one end off, stripped and tinned the ends.



You can tuck the cable into the back or if you want (I'm going to do this later) , use a connector and plug it into the pins in the back. (top pin is the ppm signal, then just attach to +5v and gnd)


This is where I tucked the cable through, I removed the stock tx module, along with the antenna lead, so there is a perfect hole to use.


Pops out the other side here.


Solder the ground cable (brown or black) to a common ground.


Vcc (red wire) to +5 source.


Solder the ppm wire (orange or white) to the ppm in the radio. I used the spot where I soldered the DSM2 module to)


VOILA, replace the empty module, pulling the cable carefully and tucking it in, use a piece of velcro, attach the servo lead into the Anylink.


Powerup your radio, and you'll here the Anylink CHIRP! Success!

Now you can store your model settings for each tactic Anylink compatible model. Nice.


Just make sure you have ppm 8 set in your model setup and you're golden. Now you can assign channels and make mixes for throttle and elevator, and do things that you couldn't normally do with just anylink.

AND... since we're not using the trainer port... you can buddy box and use the Anylink model as a trainer model. SWEET. You couldn't do that originally with any other radio, due to the fact Anylink normally plugs into the trainer port.