How to Modify your TX module for your trainer port to work correctly & your simulator

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You may have noticed that when you try to connect the Trainer port to a slave unit (to train a new pilot to fly and take control when needed), it just does not work. the reason for this is the power needs to be interrupted to cease the PPM signal transmission from emmitting out of your transmitter. This means when the trainee is flying you have the switch pulled up to allow them control.

All the settings are set on the training master TX unit.

The other issue we have is... if you plug you Tx with no modification to the TX module. then you will not be able to communicate with the simulator.

There are currently 2 methods of modifying your radio:

  • The First is in the module itself (the module that clips into the back of the tx unit) - This is the authors preferred method as it is quick and there is no need to open up your TX completely to get this mod done.

Here is the You Tube Link to that method

Note: - In Both of These Methods;
You will need a 1K resistor to complete this mod successfully. Either SMD (Surface Mount) or Standard Ceramic is fine
... only the SMD method is much tidier but no less effective.
  • the Second is by opening the tx completely and modifying the PCB board.

Here is the You Tube Link to that method

Once the modification is complete you will not have to remove your Module out of the back of the transmitter and leave it hanging on the very fine 
Coax Cable for the Aerial and  potentially breaking it.
Trainer Mode 
You will have to do this modification to both Master and Slave transmitters to get this to work. 
Simply turn on the master Tx and plug the stereo 3.5mm male jack cable into the slave unit and the slave unit will have control 
(provided you have enabled the channels to be    controlled in trainer mode on the master Tx and it is paired with the servos and ESC of your model. 
Pull the TRN (Trainer- this is the right bottom spring loaded switch on the tx ) Switch up and the master will have control of the model.

Have fun and good luck