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The Hardware

- Is the hardware (physical changes) that are required to get your 9x Transmitter to accept the "Flash" (Reprogramming your TX ECU - Atmega64) to ER9x

Keep it simple with the Smartie Parts board

By far the easiest way to flash your radio with a new firmware is to purchase the Smartie Parts Solderless programmer and back light kit.

There are now 2 Versions of Smartieparts Pogo Boards here are the differences:

V 2.1 = supports the EL type Back-light (Fluorescent Light)

V 2.2 = Supports the LED back-light (commonly purchased from Hobbyking website here!


This can be purchased for around $36 and is pretty much guaranteed to get you up and running in next to no time. As an added bonus you get a EL back-light for your radio at the same time!

Have a look at the following guide and reviews and you will see just how easy it is!

Here are the installation instructions and the website to purchase the Smartieparts Pogo Board

#Smartieparts Solder-less Pogo Board purchase here
#VER 2.2 (HK Back-light-LED) Installation Instructions: 9x Programmer Board
#VER 2.1 Installation Instructions: 9x Programmer Board

#Smartieparts 9x Add-On Board Installation Howto by ghost.
#Smartieparts 9x Add-On Board Review by Eraz.

Pull out the soldering iron and wire in your own

If however you do decide to pull out the soldering iron, the following guides have been put together to get you started. For those who know how, this is probably the cheapest - but hardest way to get flashed!

#Flashing the 9x <== Right Click and Save as  by Jon Lowe.
#Flashing the 9x - Appendix 1 - by Jon Lowe.
#Alternate 9x hookup <== Right Click and Save as by Jon Lowe.
#Flashing the 9x using your arduino by fregon45

Here are some Videos on Hard-wiring your Tx == Right Click and open in new tab ==

* Part 1 - How to Hard-wire your 9x Tx - Shane W (Westy)
* Part 2 - How to Hard-wire your 9x Tx - Shane W (Westy)
* Part 3 - How to Hard-wire your 9x Tx - Shane W (Westy)

The Programmer

The Programmer is the actual device that plugs into your computer and connects directly to you 9x Transmitter cable that you modified in the previous section above.

There are many types and flavours of programmer, but as they have evolved, the most popular seems to have become the USBASP. This is mainly because of the highly supported USB interface that is supported world wide.

Programmers might come with different connectors. Here is a picture of one of them. It shows the pin numbers of both male and female connectors, and where they should connect to. I use the mySmartUSB light programmer and it came with this 6 pin connector.


There are many suppliers and here are some for you to have a look at.

  • Search for Usbasp on Ebay
    • Lowest cost ones are sourced from Asia
    • Delivery time may be extended
  • Kit USBASP
    • You can even make your own if you want to... if you feel that way inclined
    • complete with pre-programmed ATMEGA64 chip
    • Includes all the parts, instructions and diagrams you need to put it all together.
  • 9xrprogrammer.com
    • Verified to work with 9X/9XR
    • Fast Shipping from USA
    • Usbasp programmers and adapters for the 9x and 9xr

The Software

The Software

- This is the software required to get all of the hardware to communicate and to get the upgrade to stick...

What software is required?

Programmer Drivers

What is a programmer?

A programmer is a device that plugs directly into your computer and connect it to your TX via a cable to your Smartieparts pogo board or your hard wired (Soldered) cable interface.

The most of the common programmers on the market work with the USBASP drivers. (including the smartie-parts board)

Windows Systems

The drivers can be downloaded FREE from:

USBASP Drivers

Mac Systems

Drivers are all included by default with the base operating system.

To verify that your programmer is working you can do the following:-

Verify the smartieparts board is working and visible to Mac OSX

  1. plugin in the usb cable (do not force it and make sure it is the correct way round.
  2. press 'command space' to bring up spotlight *
  3. type 'system information' then enter (without quotes)
  4. select the USB item under 'hardware'
  5. you should see 'USBasp' listed as a usb device on one of your usb ports

for example the detailed information should read below (also see screenshot) [File:http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8032/7966017262_81fcf2ea92_o_d.png]

   Product ID:	0x05dc
   Vendor ID:	0x16c0
   Version:	 1.03
   Speed:	Up to 1.5 Mb/sec 
   Manufacturer:	http://www.fischl.de
   Location ID:	0x04100000 / 3
   Current Available (mA):	500
   Current Required (mA):	Unknown (Device has not been configured)

NOTE:*If you prefer to open apps directly go to application -> Utilities -> System Information to launch the app in Finder.

Program The Radio on Mac OSX using command line

To program the radio using avrdude, you can

(You can also use eePe [1] or companion9x [2])

WARNING: The below wipes the firmware from the radio, and does not create a backup of the original firmware

  1. Install CrossPack bundle which contains avrdude from here [3], if you don't have avrdude installed.
  2. Download the hex file for eg. er9x from here [4]
  3. Install er9x image by executing the command in Terminal as
   avrdude -c usbasp -p atmega64 -B 1 -U flash:w:er9x.hex
   where er9x is the location of the hex file you downloaded e.g. it could be Downloads/er9x.hex etc...

Linux Systems

Drivers are all included by default with the base operating system.

Eeprom Editing Software

This is the software that programs your Transmitter with your "flavour" of...


There are two files that are required to successfully get you TX up and running

1. The Flash file - This is compiled by one of the above programming project teams and is non editable with the Eeprom Editing software.

  • This is typically around 56Kb in size and is where all your features, menus and general capabilities programmed into your TX
  • this is basically like an operating system to a computer, you can have ... Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, OSx an many more for your computer (hardware to run)

2. The Eeprom File - This is completely editable with your Eeprom Software and is what makes it fin to use. Once your flash file is loaded into your TX and you have formatted your eeprom (all covered off in the next section)

  • This is a small file approximately 2048 Bytes and is where all your general user settings, models, curves, mixing, buttons, calibrations etc are stored.
  • This is kind of like when you set up your windows system with your name and favorites, programs, desktop etc are stored.

EePe or Companion9x

This is one of the simplest ways to flash your 9x. The same programs can be used for editing your models, and generally configuring your radio!

eePe - The original 9x firmware flasher and model programmer.
Companion9x - multi platform EEPROM editor and real 9x firmwares simulator.
works with open9x, er9x, ersky9x, gruvin9x, th9x firmwares. 
AVR8-Burn-O-Mat - a very basic  but useful tool mainly used for Flashing, Eepromming and fixing fuses etc... 
but unable to edit your eeprom file at all - it does have its good uses though... so don't write it off just yet.
Eepe Software. Eepe Is a great software package with full feature configuration option and the ability to edit, flash and load eeprom for the Turnigy 9x Transmiter.
Eepe Eeprom Editor Scroll down to the downloads menu to select the exe for your operation system.

Companion9x. Companion Is a great software package with full feature configuration option and the ability to edit, flash and load eeprom for the Turnigy 9x Transmitter.
Companion9x Eeprom Editor Scroll down to the downloads menu to select the exe for your operation system.
AVR8 Burn-O-Mat. Avr8 Burn-o-mat is a great simple tool to load Flash, Hex and Eeprom Files
http://burn-o-mat.net/avr8_burn_o_mat_avrdude_gui_en.html AVR8 Burn-O-Mat - Simple and works well
Other software

Yes. There are other ways to flash the radio! These methods are largely out of the scope of the current guide. (Or rather to complex for me to write at present).

If you fancy detailing the methods.. jump in!

How to actually flash the 9x?

So now you have completed the Hardware upgrade and now you want to know how to do the rest? But before we do, make sure you have completed this quick checklist...

then .... we can move onto the Flashing_your_9x#Flashing The 9x Transmitter - The Final Frontier

Quick Check List

See Above for all this information:

1. Done your hardware modification (Smartieparts or Hard wired Method?)Tick-icon.png

2. Purchased your programmer?Tick-icon.png

3. Got your Latest Stable Version of ER9x?Tick-icon.png

4. - Choose your flavour of Eeprom Editor?Tick-icon.png

Flashing The 9x Transmitter - The Final Frontier

#How to flash your 9x <== Complete Software and USBASP install and flashing software guide


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