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Eepe How To Guides - Make your life easy...

Eepe Is a powerful graphical program designed to interface with the 9x Radio 
(Turnigy, Eurgle, Flysky and other Chinese rebranded versions of this Transmitter. 

Developed by Eraz Raviv and a team of talented & dedicated developers (pushing the boundaries and thrashing out ideas that users throw at them), This Software package is evolving into one of the worlds number #1 Eeprom Editing tools. The project team strives to make things easy, yet extremely powerful so you can use a simple, logical approach to configuring, Backing up, restoring, protecting Eeprom, flashing and much much more... This software has truly assisted thousands of users to "Unlock" the power of this great radio unit to utilize more of it's capabilities and expanding its functionality to convert a $40 - $50 - $100 radio with the features and capabilities of a $1000,00 Radio unit... And best of all it is absolutely free (Although donations are gratefully accepted to drive the development team forward.

See for yourself how simple and powerful it really is

Text Based Tutorials .. For those with the time to read ...

Eepe first time guide, and Er9x mixer introduction - by Gohst

Flight mode trim What it is and how to use it

Video Tutorials ... Because Pictures Say a Thousand Words...


* Eepe - ALL FLASH GUIDES ARE ABOVE AT THE START OF THE "Video Section" - Right Click and open in new tab