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Custom Spray

One of the more dramatic jobs that can be done on the er9x units is to completely re-spray the case to get your own 'branding'.


As can be seen from the above picture this can be quite dramatic!

The process to respray your radio is quite simple.

Step 1: - Remove All Electronics

This involves removing all the electronic components, switches and dials from the radio, and is simply a case of unscrewing everything that can be unscrewed! This will eventually leave you with a bare case, with the LCD plastic screen & the silver stickers attached.

Step 2: - Remove the decals and plastic screen

Note: If your radio is brand new and you still haven't taken off the protective film that covers the decals and plastic screen, and you're not going to replace the decals with custom decals, than don't remove anything. You can paint over the protective film and remove it after everything is done. You will have to put masking tape on the inside of the plastic LCD screen cover.

Removing the decals is best undertaken using a bit of WD40. Simply soaking the decals and the lcd screen cover with WD40 for 5 minutes will break down the glue enough to enable you to slide the items off the case. Once these are off, clean them with methalated spirits and a sponge. (you do not want to scrap off the paint/damage these)

Step 3: - Re-Spray

Experimentation has shown that it is best to first sprary with an Acrylic based white primer, followed by an Acrylic Auto Paint of your choice. The key here is to ensure you have a good quality gloss paint as the last thing you want is a pva matt!

Remember. Patience is key. Take your time and work through loads of thin coats with a light wet & dry sanding 
and you will get a good finish.
Aim to do at least 6 - 8 thin coats in your color of choice.  Follow this with 2-3 coats of clear gloss.

Step 4: - Put the decals and lcd cover back on

The trick here is to use 2/3mm double sided tape. Do not use any type of glue here as you will risk it reacting with the silver paint on the decals and lcd cover.

Step 5: - Install electronics

This is the simple job of re-screwing in everything you took out! Nothing complex here.

Step 6: - Testing

All going well you will now have your own customised 'uber 9x'.