9x Full Mod Opening Transmitter

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Opening the Transmitter

At this point we have to open the transmitter to complete the rest of the mods. Flip the transmitter over and remove the 6 screws, indicated by red arrows, with a Phillips screwdriver.

9x Back.JPG

The 2 halves of the transmitter will be connected by a cable. Gently remove the plug from the large printed circuit board (PCB) on the front half of the transmitter, by grasping the sides of the plug - DON'T PULL ON THE CABLE.

The 2 halves of the transmitter will now be separated. For general orientation, look at the following 2 images:

9x Rear.JPG

NOTE: Depending on which brand of the transmitter you have, you may see things like an antenna connected to the top of the rear half.

9x Front.JPG