Giving Back...Open Source Style!

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Giving Back...Open Source Style!

Post by designbybeck » Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:20 am

Took this photo tonight. Put it up on Flickr as CC-by-nc-sa .... I'm just getting back into R/C after Years of being out (so much has changed) But the #1 focus I've had for the past 6+ years is the Open Source Mindset! So when I saw the FrSky / OpenTX come about! I had to jump on it....and now I have a controller, waiting for my quad parts to arrive. I wanted to take this photo to give back to the Linux and Open Source Community. They inspire more people and promote more good globally, and I just wanted to say to them! Thank You!............ I don't even have parts to build right now! But I'm that exited and Thankful to the Open Source Community! I do what I do thanks to you! .... Thank You! ;)

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