Help to setup a BLADE SR with DDVP modification

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Help to setup a BLADE SR with DDVP modification

Postby TheCirodi » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:20 am

Hello All,
I'm really new to helicopter setup and I hope to find somebody willing to help me in the following matter.
I have a Turnigy ER9X flashed with er9x-r820 a DSM2/X module + receiver.
I have a Blade SR that I mechanically upgraded to Direct Drive Variable Pitch (so I have a separated ESC to drive in parallel a brushless tail motor, plus a tail servo and a Align GP750 gyro).
My goal is to create a setup for a very easy kind of flight (no 3d): throttle curve as per example 0,40,50,60,75 or 0,40,55,70,90.
Very frankly speaking I don't how how and where to start.
Any help will be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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